Everyone I know keeps telling me I need to say NO more... but I say YES more.

If you're like me, you approach business and life a little differently than others. 

For me, it's probably because I started out "slinging fish," which is what we called working at the Fish n' Chips shop when I was a teenager. Many people who started in the service industry understand work ethic and are used to taking a lot of crap.

Maybe it's my time pressure-selling electronics at commission-only shops for years before moving into technical support and eventually becoming an IT contractor for marketing organizations.

Your path was different but probably equally random.

But I can tell you this...

We've all had a pretty wide experience with customer service. 

A few years ago I had so many back-to-back terrible customer service experiences that I started writing a book about it.

It's called.

Start Saying Yes

Improving Customer Experience and Personal Opportunity Through Positive Messaging

and Chapter 1 is titled....

"Servers in Oregon Always Say No"

A phrase...

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