Why You Do What You Do

Sometimes providing products or services can be a real drag.

For every group of wonderful customers you have, there's always the one who doesn't get it.

Maybe they have unreasonable expectations, maybe there was an unforeseen circumstance that made providing their services difficult, shipping issues... or maybe they're just an a-hole.

But I want you to remember, "Your Why," and if you don't have a well-articulated reason why you do what you do, this is how you create one.

Customers are customers for one reason and one reason only

They have a problem, you have a potential solution.

Another way to put it is this:

They have an unfavorable "before state" and want to be in a more favorable "after state."

Your job is to move them from before/unhappy to after/happier

When you provide a product or service, no matter how small a change you think that is, you are improving someone's life.

If your chocolates put a smile on a child's face, you help someone insure their car from damage or...

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