Who is the Hero?

Every time your potential customers visit your website they are telling themselves a story. It's a story where they are the "hero" and they are trying to overcome some kind of difficulty.

Our job in marketing is to take potential customers from a less desirable "before state" to a more desirable "after state."
- Business author Ryan Deiss.

The problem is there can only be one hero in a story, and the hero is your customer. If you are talking about yourself or your business and how great you are, you are making yourself the hero of the story.

This creates confusion and reduces your customer's desire to take action.

You are the Guide, Not the Hero

Most businesses talk about themselves and try to tell potential customers about how wonderful their business is.

And I get it.

You want them to know your product is great and you're a great company, but you can do that after you tell them how you can assist them in solving their problem.

People are continuously telling themselves a story in...

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