Someone Will Always Do It Cheaper... So What?

I know how you can compete in the crazy modern marketplace.

With the rise of shopping platforms like Amazon, search engines, email spam, and social networks, choice has never been greater for businesses and consumers.

You need to think about the opposite side of this scenario. 

As the business, you have (basically) endless potential customers.

If someone doesn't like your product, find someone else who does.

If a client relationship is not a good fit, that's OK!

See what you can learn from the process and see if you can change how you are prospecting. Or maybe you need to work on your delivery and execution? 

Whatever it is, move on and find someone new to talk to.

Don't Get Lost in the Shuffle?

There is nothing you can do for your business that will have more impact than defining how you are different from your competitors

NOTHING is more important in a world of infinite choice than standing out. 

If you fit in, you are just a part of the background noise


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