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business standing out Oct 08, 2020

This conversation happened this morning at my house.

Me: Hey Kari! Have you ever heard of Dread Zepplin?

Kari: Um, no.

Me: ALEXA! Play Dread Zepplin! 

Kari: um...

Me: It's Led Zepplin songs played by a reggae band with Elvis singing!

For a small subset of the music scene in the 80s and 90s, Dread Zepplin captivated their audiences, playing more than 2000 shows.

There is even a documentary currently in production about the band.

This is the untold story of Dread Zeppelin, a pioneering band and pop-culture phenomenon that performed reggae versions of Led Zeppelin songs, sung by a 300 pound Elvis Presley impersonator. Conceived as a joke in late 80’s Pasadena, CA, their send-up of rock mythology and tabloid culture unexpectedly took the world by storm when this “ultimate tribute band” was signed to IRS Records.

Immediately endorsed by Robert Plant, audiences and critics alike were forced to question whether they were "one of the most innovative pop culture satires around or just another milestone on the road to societal collapse."

Things That Are Different Stand Out

Business writer and 10+ time best selling author Seth Godin says.

"In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible."

There are literally thousands of messages a day hitting your customer's eyeballs every day.  If you don't stand out, you're just a tiny thumb-swipe away from being completely forgettable and invisible.

Seth Godin wrote a book called "Purple Cow" where the metaphor is that cows on the side of the freeway in middle America are nothing new, but a Purple Cow would be exceptional. People would get out of their cars and take photos and share it with all their friends.

Finding a New Audience

This story has gone viral on the LinkedIn community.
(yes, I said Linkedin and viral together)

On Friday morning, homeless web developer David Casarez woke from his park bench in Mountain View, Calif., put on a nice shirt and tie, and carried his hand-written cardboard sign to a nearby highway median.

“HOMELESS,” the sign read.


It turned out to be the perfect job search strategy.

A passerby’s photo of him standing on the median holding the sign soon went viral on Twitter, and by Saturday afternoon, he’d been flooded with more than 200 job offers.

“Google reached out to me,” the astounded 26-year-old told The Post.

“So many other companies. Pandora. A bunch of startups,” he said, speaking by phone at a Starbucks near where he’d first gone begging — literally — for work.

*Being different and taking a new approach to take advantage of under-priced attention (in this case free) will always work as long as your marketing is on-brand. 

It's Almost as if I Wrote a Book About This... 

Chapter 5 of "Crush SEO: Learn How to Market Your Local Business Online" is titled "Local Competiton - Know Your Enemy".

Chapter 5 Action Items include:

  • Make a list of online and offline local competitors
  • Shop the competition

How are your competitors speaking to their audience? 

Do they all say the same things? --now you know what NOT to say.

Have you subscribed to their mailing lists? 

Have you visited their websites?

Have you opted-in to any "lead magnets" they have such as downloadable guides or whitepapers, etc.?

Once you know what everyone else is doing you can brainstorm ways to stand out.

For example, you could talk about Dread Zepplin in your newsletter... 

Because if you don't stand out, you're invisible.



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